Renowned Orthopaedic Practice in Hilo, Hawaii

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As a local boy growing up in Hilo, Dr. Peter A. Matsuura's dream was to follow in his mother's footsteps and become a doctor who would one day return to Hilo, to take care of his ohana (family) and the community that raised him. Today, he is fulfilling his dream and entering his 23rd year of orthopaedic private practice in Hilo, dedicated to caring for people of all ages and lifestyles.  

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Compassionate Care from a Professional

Our office goal is to guide each patient back to a healthy and active lifestyle. We strive to provide friendly and compassionate care to our patients and guide them in their healing and recovery. Dr. Matsuura’s reputation is built on unmatched clinical results from more than 25 years of experience in his pursuit of suitable, sensible, and appropriate care. He performs hundreds of surgeries each year with consistency and reliability.

Dr. Matsuura is assisted by an exceptional team including a certified Physician Assistant, LPN and Medical Assistant; in office Billing department; Front Office Receptionist and X-ray Technologist. Together, these professionals provide patients with competent assistance in patient care and education, scheduling appointments, processing referrals, authorizations, claims filing and payments.  

Less Invasive Procedures

Advances in this line of work have provided less invasive procedures, meaning less recovery time for patients. You can always count on receiving the best care in the region.

Innovative Technology

Technology is rapidly changing in this line of work, and you can trust Dr. Matsuura to always stay updated. From a traumatic injury or work-related injury to an orthopaedic condition, Dr. Matsuura will take care of you.

Highly Skilled

Extensively trained and boasting a wide range of experience, Dr. Matsuura is renowned for his unique approach to every patient. You’ll greatly benefit from the expertise he’s acquired.